1. I just got my RH Pine City from Aloha Rag yesterday! The leather is exactly as I had hoped for: silky, smooth, with slight distressing and a nice shine. The color is so beautiful, and like others have mentioned, hard to capture in photos. It's a deep, saturated cool forest green that sometimes takes on a warmer hue in different lighting. I'm not really happy with the way it photographed, it looks a bit washed out----the color IRL is very saturated. It also looks like the color of Swarovski green tourmaline crystals. I love this color so much, I just may have to get a matching coin purse!

    AR is the greatest, they are so nice there and at no time was I ever made to feel like I was asking too many questions or being too picky. They took their time making sure I got just the kind of leather I was looking for---talk about great customer service!

    The first photo is under florescent lighting, and the second photo is under partial florescent and indirect sunlight. You can see that the zipper tape appears teal and mismatched, but it only looks that way in the photograph. IRL, it actually matches quite well (with only a VERY SLIGHT hint of teal) and is not so mismatched like it looks in the photo---it's really weird, I don't know why it's photographing that way.
    Pine_City2.jpg Pine_City3.jpg
  2. beautiful color!!! :tup:
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations! I love the pine!
  4. Thanks for mentioning the zipper tape. It actually doesn't look that clashy in your pics (compared to some others I've seen)...but interesting that it's photographing more teal than it actually is IRL. I think the color & leather look GORGEOUS!
  5. :tup: Congrats~ Nice bag!!!!
  6. Truly gorgeous!!!
  7. Oh! you guys are driving me crazy with the pines! Now I really want one :crybaby: but on a ban right now...
    That is one gorgy bag, pandabear!
  8. Very nice Panda!! CONgrats on your new addition ;)
  9. Beautiful color, congrats, girlie
  10. wow, your bag is beautiful! i think pine is one of the most underrated colors this season.. it is really gorgeous.
  11. Very pretty!!!!
  12. gorgeous. I think you captured the color fairly well. (In my attempts to convey its awesomeness, I've just added two more pics in my pine day thread).
  13. Oh it's soooooo beautiful!!!! It is making me go nuts waiting for the Pine Step I ordered! I can't wait to get it!!!!!
  14. very pretty bag, and the leather looks amazing...
  15. This bag is beautiful!