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rose bruyere in RH or mRGGH

  1. RH all the way

  2. mRGGH is so 2012

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi, I'm planning to get a rose bruyere (love this color :hbeat:) Part Time. Contemplating on what hardware I should get.. all my Bals are in RH now, so thought would be nice to give G12 a try but I'm worry I might not like the G12 and also miss the tassels.. please help me out~
  2. since u have all the bag in rh now, I think u should giv the G12 a try. but my favourite is still the G21.
  3. I love how rose bruyere looks with mRGGH. It's a stunning combo IMO ;)
  4. Yuup ;)
  5. I vote for mRGGH on the PT.
  6. My vote is for RH. mRGGH looks like RH from a distance due to the smaller size so I don't really see the point of spending the extra money for mRGGH. But I'm stingy. :P
  7. I vote the RGGH as I think that would look so pretty on a rose bruyere. Although RH it would still be beautiful.
  8. I love mRGGH on Rose Bruyere. I think they are just made for each other.
  9. +1
  10. i vote for mRGGH, such a lovely combo and more dressy than RH for work. and if you think you might miss the tassels, buy a set of them when you get the RB mRGGH PT perhaps? :P
  11. LOVE the mRGGH! It's got the right blend of glamour and elegance IMO.
  12. Rose Bruyere is bananas with mRGGH! :love:
  13. Well...of course I vote for RH. I'm tassel inclined. Is that the bag in your avatar? If not, could we see a pic. Is this a darker pink/red? Am I the only one here that doesn't know the color?
  14. thank you all for your votes~ :hbeat:
    will mRGGH looks like RH from a distance?? :hrmm: the mGH on PT is same as those on the city size or the work size?
  15. #15 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    hi maxxout, no worries.. :biggrin: yes, it's the color in my avatar. yeah, it's kind of a girlie girlie pink. I tried out the color (with mSGH) in the store, it looked good against my skin tone :graucho:
    here's some pic from the SA, he doesn't have the RH yet.. he said this is rose gold but it looks gold to me :hrmm:
    ps: what do you guys think of this piece leather???

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