RH or GSH for Violet City? Can't decide:(

  1. I'm having a major crisis deciding whether I should get RH or GSH on the violet City.

    On the one hand, I think RH hardware is classic and would HATE for my bag to date.

    But I do like the photos I see of all the GSH bags and all my other bags are RH.

    How does everyone else feel? Will the GSH look dated with time?:confused1:
  2. gsh is nice i love it but to date with time i guess RH is better.
  3. I have a Violet Vity with GSH. Hadn't planned on GH (it's my first bag), but it was in stock (and RH was not) and I figured: "Why not?!" (The SA said that it wouldn't look dated -- and I do trust him, to a degree!) I LOVE the bag...but you can't go wrong, both look great! :tup:
  4. As usual:RH, i'm an RH girl :yes:
  5. i originally wanted the GSH for the violet city. but i couldn't find it anywhere! so i decided to settle for the RH. it's actually really gorgeous. :love: i agree with MrsB, you can't go wrong with either of them!
  6. GH is the reason I got into Balenciaga- it's very beautiful IRL- with Violet I couldn't imagine myself carrying it in RH- but that's b/c I like blingy bags... :blush:

    I say get it in GSH!
  7. I really do like them both, but I think I'd tend to go for the RH!
  8. It depends on what type of look you prefer.
    Violet with RH is more subtle and classic.
    GSH Violet is more loud and pop, more funky too.
    Thats why both are gorgeous in their own way imo.
  9. UM.m.m
    agree with shopboy , choose between classic and funky :okay:

    I just bought a SGH violet brief with the first intention to buy RH violet brief !
    with the bigger size of BRIEF , I figure SGH is more balanced
    Now I am so happy with SGH violet , it brightens all the outfit

    Both are great with the violet anyway , go for it :choochoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  10. I'm not a huge fan of GH on any bag....so I'd always vote for RH. That said....if you really wanted a GH bag, the SGH looks fantastic on violet!!!!
  11. For a Work I LOVE SGH, but for the City I like RH better. Good luck with your decision, both combos are gorgeous!
  12. if you prefer classic, the black with RH, that's the most classic thing.

    violet is such a vibrant colour and makes a perfect pair with GSH.
    i have 7 bbags and 6 of them were with RH cause i was never a big fan of the GHs, then one day i saw a violet with GSH, i know this is probably going to be my only GSH bag, its just the most perfect combination.

    but seriously, they're both gorgeous bags :drool:, only if i HAVE to choose one. GOOD LUCK, let us know when you're decided!:smile:
  13. hmmm.... well, up til now, i never really thought tha giant hardware would "date"... they are just studs after all! SGH is not as loud as the GGH so i guess thats a plus... but on the city style i prefer the RH and i only have rh citys... GH whether it be gold or silver is just too cluttered IMHO... good luck!
  14. i would pick the one that has the best leather. RH or GH
  15. you can't go wrong with either one. both equally pretty. go for whichever you get your hands on.