RH leather vs. GH leather....

  1. I think I might be going crazy or maybe it is my imagination but does anyone notice a difference in the leathers. I feel like the leather that they make the giant hardware bags out of is nicer, less veiny and a little bit of a heavier leather. Is that the case or is it just me???:confused1:
  2. OMG i totally noticed that too! And i thought it was because i prefer RH bags, hence pickier about the leather. i feel like the GH leather is thicker, smooshier and overall less chewy than RH. Might just be the batch of leather the bags come from that make the biggest diff? :confused1: Maybe someone else has better insight into this... :shrugs:
  3. I have noticed a difference in the leather and in the color. The GH bags look like the color is richer and sometimes a little darker than the RH. It really is making me want to try the SGH!!!
  4. When I was purchasing my VG GH day, I had a chance to look at a few RH bags and I have to say that GH bags have much better leather. Just imo. I don't know why, doesn't seem right, shouldn't they all be the same? Although, maybe that's why Bal charges more money for GH, since it's better leather?
  5. I want a black work with RH and now I am thinking I should get SGH instead because maybe I will get a better leather. I wonder if they use a heavier leather because the GH is heavier????
  6. It seems thicker so it could support the weight of the heavier hardware... :shrugs: but I'm just guessing since I don't own any GH just tried them in the store...
  7. I wouldn't hesitate buying a RH bag but I do noticed that I am pickier on the RH leather (I LOVE distressed leather) and almost every GH bag I see has amazing leather so it wouldn't be so hard for me to choice a bag. KWIM?
  8. Elliemay- what does KWIM mean??
  9. Know what I mean! ;)
  10. ^^ means Know What I Mean.

    Good point on maybe its thicker to support the heavier hardware...
  11. I completely agree:yes:. There is a noticable difference in leather in my RH and GH bags. That is why I have been buying more of the GH. The GH leather, for whatever reason, seems thicker, smoother and just overall a better quality. My RH bags are thinner and crinkly. And that goes for most, not all, of the bags in stores, not just mine.
  12. Duh.....of course I knew what KWIM meant??? lol so many abreviations sometimes I have troublr keeping up!!
  13. I know...sometimes I'm like:confused1: when I see some abreviations!:p
  14. I came soooo close to buying a GSH Part-time at Neimans mostly because the leather was GORGEOUS!!!! I compared the RH with the GH bags and it is noticeably better on the GH...much thicker and chewy IMO.. I did notice thicker leather on the LE Neimans bag however I thought it was better leather due to it being LE... I'm now losing sleep over that GSH Part-time so it will have to join my collection soon.
  15. What color SGH Part Time?