RH Incompatibility shot...

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  1. Have any of you ladies had this? I'm RH - so the OBGYN is giving it to me regardless of what my baby's father is.

    Is it 1 shot or a series?
  2. its a one time shot given intramuscular.
  3. 1x shot :smile:
  4. nope...its 2 shots..im RH neg..im 28 weeks..so u get a shot @ 28 weeks on ur bum.. a just in case thing.... and then when u give birth... they test the baby's blood..either they withdraw the blood from his/her foot or take it from the umbilical cord..and if the baby is +.. they give u another one...also on ur bum..u just become slightly sore after but i guess this is a small bump on the road..pun intended :P
  5. Years ago it was one shot after the baby was born. Also had one after a miscarriage. I'm AB-, and both babies were/are +.

    Interesting that it's 2 shots now. Is it still called Rhogam?
  6. Really? Huh, I thought it was one :smile:
  7. i think it was one shot before...and then they found out that sometimes the baby's blood can mix... and so they give u a shot at 28 weeks that lasts til your 42 weeks...just in case the baby is positive..but dont worry..if it doesnt benefit u, it wont harm u.. and after the baby is born, they test the baby and if he/she is rh positive..ull get the second shot..and your baby has a higher chance of being + than -....

    they also give u the shot now regardless of the father's blood type, also just for caution....
  8. Cool, thanks ladies, I was curious.
  9. If you have any sort of trauma while you're pregnant you may also need one.

    I work in auto claims (medical) and there was an RH negative lady who was pregnant and had to get a shot after she was in a wreck.
  10. I too had to get one at 28 weeks and then again after my baby was born because she was +. Also, got an extra one at 12 weeks because I had some bleeding.