Home & Garden Rh Ethan Allen pottery barn and west elm help!


May 13, 2015
i recently found out that basically all mainstream furniture companies had been including flame retardants in their furniture for the past forty years. (I know scary and so annoying!) That has stopped but they are now using mostly polyurethane foam in their cushions. I've done some research on polyurethane and they containe chemicals that I know I don't want to be breathing in (like toluene which is a known carcinogen). I have reached out the Ethan Allen, PB, west elm and rh for info on what their foam cushions are made of. I'm still waiting on responses from ea PB and rh. West elm has informed me that their couches contain some polyurethane - has anyone found a mainstream furniture brand that does not have polyurethane foam cushions? Some have soy but it's only a small percentage. I don't want to purchase from an organic line that is gots certified only because I'm out in DC and all those store are in la and ny and I like to see an item before purchasing!


Aug 7, 2008
you might be interested in contacting joybird about their cushions. they're made of polyurethane but claim not to use flame retardants or harmful chemicals http://joybird.com/materials/

however, if you choose to purchase, you won't be able to see it first since the products are made to order, but their return policy is very generous.

i'm located in the mid-atlantic region as well, so i totally understand the frustration of finding things only located in CA or NY.