RH Day - How to know from what year?

  1. Does anyone know of an identifying factor on Day bags, other than the color, that might give information about which year and/or season it came from? I've been looking at Black Days especially, and I believe, those and white ones come out each season. The reds are different shades etc., but is there a way to identify season or even the year, on the black and white ones? Anyone have any thoughts? TIA. :shrugs:
  2. ^^ good question Conni, wish i knew!!! :shrugs:

    p.s. i was wondering the same about the twiggy (?)
  3. I think the only way is on the card, right? :shrugs: If there's no card with the bag (with the year and season), then I don't think there's a way to tell for certain.
  4. I really wish Day's and Twiggy's had season codes on the bags!
  5. Thanks aaallabama, maedchen and adoptastray! I had forgotten about the cards. But yes, the silver tag in the City bags is great. I wonder why they don't include them in the others? :confused1: