RH Brief in 08 colours?

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  1. Hi! I'm looking for an RH brief in 08 colours. Actually, I'm hoping to find one in the F/W 08 colours but I figure that if a place has an RH brief in the S/S colours, they should have it for F/W. Places like Barneys NY and Balenciaga are only bringing the brief in in the GH and NM has the silly the nothing but Amex deal (with the sole exception of NM Las Vegas). The briefs look really good in GH as well but it's just too heavy for me. If anyone knows where they sell RH briefs in this year's colours, could you please tell me? :flowers: Thank you so much! :heart:
  2. I saw Brown RH Brief at NM Tyson Corner in VA last Sat. It looks like Sienna to me.
  3. Thanks. :smile: Unfortunately, NM only takes Amex and I've tried buying GCs before but it didn't work and I was frustrated by customer service so I'm not buying from NM. I can't find RH briefs in the new colours anywhere either. Neither AR nor Bal is getting any in this year. The buyers for stores that sell Bal in the US don't seem to want to get briefs in RH anymore... :sad: