RH black city will in stock tomorrow


Mar 3, 2009
Hi, Girls. I'm new here. But I really want to join you, as for now, I'm thinking of getting my first BBag.

I wrote a letter to the official site asking if they still have any RH 09' black city with the planet. They replied me very fast, as follows:

We are sold out on the City Planet in Black and we won't receive additional quantities, however we will have the RH City (without planet)
available online in Black tomorrow.

A good news? What would you suggest? Buy or Wait? Don't know if the planet or any other accessories will be back in fall (I mean for free~) And do you have any idea of the leather in fall? I know there are so many beautiful words about the 09 black city. Do you have any idea of the quality of those sent from their website? Coz you know, I can't touch and choose, so I was wondering if every 09 black city has good leather as described, saturated, distressed well, thick~

Thank you so much:biggrin: Seems that I have too much questions


Apr 18, 2006
Welcome to the forum!

As of 2009 Black leather, here is the thread you could check:


Black RH City is the most basic color and style. It will be produced every season. 2009 F/W hasn't come out yet so we don't know how its leather and color is going to be. My guessing would be close to S/S. If you really want the City with the planet, IMO you could wait till June or July when the F/W bags are released; however no one knows if Bal will sell that combo again. But please be aware that the particular City with a planet doesn't have the famous metal plate but a leather tag.