RH and GH day owners - feedback please :D


Follow Your Heart...
Apr 17, 2007
Fantasy Island
isn't it ironic that the one bbag that fits on our shoulder over our coat, isn't the one we would choose to wear because it gets lost in the shuffle...


Handbag Connoisseur!
Jun 30, 2007
OC California
:roflmfao: we're so funny ! I love it :P !! ooh i've also been contemplating violet ! or maybe the new purple for fall (the sapphire I think?) ! and def GSH :graucho: what other bals do you have besides our work ? i'm so jealous that you live in Cali, are you close to LA ? I would DIE to see the new Bal store, DIE i tell you !! :love::upsidedown:
I'm a little under an hour away from LA. I NEED to go see the new store. I am dying to go!!! There's a PF meet this Saturday at South Coast Plaza, which is just 10 minutes from my house. But SCP doesn't sell B-bags! :sad:
I wish you lived in Cali........... you need to move!! :lol:
Then we could shop, shop, shop!!!
I'm currently down to just my one work! :upsidedown: I sold my damask city last month (to small) & my first was a first which I carried once & sold (way to small!)
So I definitely need More!! Another work.......... maybe a day, possibly a part time..... who knows what else!! I'm really liking the moganno or maybe a cafe, I really like the white and there's something about the violet that I gravitate towards!
Have you decided on a color for your day yet?