RH and GH day owners - feedback please :D

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  1. Hello my dear bal friends !
    So I am seriously considering my second bag and I think I want to try a day... now as I'm sure many of you know (since I talk about it every chance I get :lol:) my one and only so far is a Jaune GSH work - but now I am very intrigued by both the GH and RH on the days...

    So my question is - do GH days keep their shape more than RH days ? i.e. are the RH days slouchier ? For some reason GH days seem to look 'bigger' to me and I'm wondering if that's because the hardware makes it more structured ?? I hope this makes sense... I've been obsessively looking at pictures of everyones days but most of them are of empty guys or guys hanging off of door knobs :P

    if anyone has any comparison pictures of how your FULL day bags (both RH and GH) look it would be greatly appreciated :flowers: OH and I would love to see some modeling comparisons or your full-bellied days :yes:

    Thanks !!!
  2. First off: YAY!! Another Day convert!

    I love the Day -- the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have one. I have a Tomato RH Day and it's the most comfortable/versatile/functional purse there is! As for RH v GH, I don't know how the GH slouches with time, but I think the RH Day should slouch quite a bit with use. Love the slouch!

    Good luck with your Day quest! :flowers:
  3. I love days as well!
    I don't own a RH day but as far as the GH goes.. it has never lost its shape since the first day I got it IMO. I love love love it! and for me its more convenient not to have tassels on them.

    Whichever you choose though I am sure you will love it! its a great size!
  4. my RH day slouches and looked and felt 'broken-in' the first day I had, it fits quite a bit and it elongates my body because of the shape - my only complaint for day so far is that when i put the same amount of stuff that i would normally 'stuff' into my first into the day, it'd start to feel heavy over my shoulder, but i would have never felt that with the first no matter how i carry it.
  5. Hi joey beans, I have a RH city and a GSH City and I feel that the HG bag's bigger too, though my mum says I'm crazy as they look the same size to her.

    I love the RH Day. It's (Coral Red Day) is already slouchy without breaking it in.
  6. I am sorry for not having any pics of my two day bags. They both have RH and I love them to bits!! I am a true RH gal and so far I have not been swooned by the Giants! I think RH look amazing on any coloured bbag style!!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Day. I only have RH, but it is great!... mine in my avatar is pretty full... but it is blurry... let me see if I can dig up a good pic.
  8. I don't own either, but I know that most of the GH bags have thicker leather to accomodate the heavier hardware. I think it probably ends up slouching the same over time but takes longer to break in. MY GGH PT took MUCH longer to break in than my new RH Work.
  9. I have GGH Cafe day and a rh bubblegum day. i haven't carried the BG day yet. they look the same to me size wise and i think they will both break in nicely- the Cafe day already has! I am carrying my new black rh city right now. i will take out my bg day next month- it is still snowing where i live, so i don't want to carry my pink bag yet!
    I do think that for some reason the day style bags have the best leather!!!!!!
  10. my rh and gh days are both super slouchy ;) You can't go wrong either way!!
  11. I have both Days and my steel SGH Day is quite broken in already. It does have a sturdier zipper though which doesn't let it slouch quite as much as the rh Days (on top). I have quite thick leather on rh Days too but I still feel the rh Days break in less fast... but they do :love:
  12. i just bought my first day, a 08 turquoise RH. i love how it looks on the shoulder even if it has not broken in yet. The Day is very light weight and fits a lot. You don't need to break it in to wear it comfortably over the shoulder. the 08 colors are much more saturated in the day style, i've seen a pale magenta day which was not pale at all. the leather of my 08 turquoise day is thicker than the other styles i saw in the same color. so i think the Day is a great style.
    i have some pictures of the day full, i put a lot in it that day. Here are some shots.

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  13. that's great thanks for the info !! your turq looks amazing on you ! i especially love the last shot with your crisp white place and then the pop of blue on your couch and not to mention your shoulder :drool:
    i think you may have sold me !! :graucho:
  14. YES ! this is exactly what I meant... thanks south ! I think its the sturdier zipper that doesn't sink as much making the bag seem fuller (just because it looks like it takes less to make it appear full ?) but that's what I was getting at ! :tup: do you have a preference between the two ??