RGHW MAM arrived today, but I'm not sure


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Sep 16, 2009
My RGHW MAM came today. The leather is really nice, except I think this one was a return. The feet are already scratched and there are a couple marks in the leather I wasn't expecting. WDYT?

You can sort of see the creases in the front in this picture right beneath the flap to the left. I'm actually having a tough time photographing it at night, but there are a few.

marks between the feet

I also got a pre-loved Chanel tote and I can't justify keeping them both. Too many choices!

I feel like the marks are not what I normally see on a new bag, but they might come out. I guess if I decided to keep it, I will figure that part out. Now I need to pick. Which would you keep?


*~*Schoolin' Life*~*
Nov 18, 2009
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*~*That's a tough one. My MAM had some creases on the front of the bag as well, but they disappeared with wear. I like the Chanel tote, but I think the RGHW is more unique. I know I'm not helping at all...*~*


Nov 5, 2011
I'd keep the Chanel over the RM, but that's because the style / size of the Chanel would fit better with my lifestyle.

I think both bags look great -- you should keep the one that works best for your needs. There will always be another black bag that will come around so you shouldn't feel like you are missing out if you have to return one of the two great bags you got!
Sep 2, 2012
I would keep the Chanel bag. I like the mam but if you are questioning it then I wouldn't keep it. Go with your gut reaction.


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Sep 24, 2010
New York
I can't see very well from the pictures, (bad eyes, I know) but does the Chanel has Silver HW? If so, as much as I personally love the rose gold, I know you are partial to Silver, so that's why I would pick the Chanel for you. If you are not partial to Silver, then just disregard my vote. I know nothing. :shrugs:


Apr 22, 2011
the city
My MAB had some creases on the sides just like yours, but they quickly disappeared after I carried it a few times. For a full-priced item, I think you should be completely in love with it and 100%. It sounds like you're questioning your purchase, so I'd keep the Chanel.


Sep 4, 2008
I'd keep the Chanel. It's really lovely and a nice size. I do love the MAM with Rose Gold, but the scratches or marks would bother me for a full price/brand new bag.


likes giraffes
Sep 16, 2009
Thanks everyone! I might send them both back. :amazed: Not sure yet. I will give myself the weekend to decide. I always said that if I didn't love a bag and wasn't 100%, it would go back. That said, sometimes it takes me a few days to decide if it's love or not. I like to over-think things sometimes. :rolleyes:

I do love silver hw, but rosegold is another that I really like. The leather on the mam (if the creases/marks come out) if fabulous. It feels better than the Chanel honestly. If you put the mam leather on the chanel, we would have a winner. Of course, the Chanel is years pre-loved and still looks almost brand new. It also is very organized and lots of pockets, a handy bag. Of course, even pre-loved, it wasn't cheap so I need to love it.