RGGH or SGH on Dark Night work?

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  1. I'm pretty new to the balenciaga side of things (I'm usually over in the LV forum) but I was wondering what you more veteran bal buyers think about these two colors of giant hardware on such a dark color as dark night. I keep leaning toward silver just because I wear a lot of silver jewelry but when I actually see the combo sometimes I think it's a little too stark against the dark blue (what is incomprehensible is that if the color is even a little lighter like Blue Roi, or a little darker, like black, I think that the silver hardware is stunning). I like the RG hardware on DN but I think maybe it's the fact that the zippers appear to be a brighter color than the rest of the hardware that's throwing me off...I've been driving myself bonkers so I thought I'd just ask you all what your thoughts are (pros and cons) on these combos! I'd especially be interested to know which color hw you find more versatile! I have ruled out RH already bc I think that it blends in too much with the leather color.

  2. hello ...i am a big fan of rose gold ,especially with dark colours(black ,anthra and dak blues) ,it is so classy ,elegant and surprisingly easy to match(yes ,also with silver jewelry :nuts:!) i love the contrast of dark night with rose gold and if you are lucky to find one , get it!!!
    it is tdf!!!!
  3. Thank you CHLOEGLAMOUR! I very much appreciate your opinion, I'm leaning toward RG..after looking at the combos side by side it seems like the RG really pulls out a beautiful depth of color from DN..I'm glad you think it's easy to match with even silver jewelry!
  4. I'm with CHLOEGLAMOUR, DN with Rose Gold will be simply stunning! I hear your concern about the zipper with lighter color. I had the same feeling at first, but after I pulled the trigger and brought my first rose gold home, I fell in love immediately. I got used to the color difference and that was no longer an issue to me anymore. It's just my personal experience, I guess you need to try one before you can be 100% certain.
  5. Rggh :smile:
  6. just got mine... RGGH and DN is the best combo!!!
  7. I'm biased, but I vote RGGH!!
  8. Just saw the rggh on a dark night and I fell in love. It's so unique and is eye catching. I'm definitely getting one
  9. Rose gold all the way.....
  10. I love the look of SGH w/this color.
  11. Magjes and I were discussing RGGH on the Work bag recently. Maybe she'll chime in and share her observations as I don't want to convey them incorrectly!

    I love RGGH on DN - used to have it in a City. Keep in mind that the rose gold zippers are even brighter now than when RGGH was first introduced. It may drive you crazy that because the zipper is more visible on the Work than on a City or PT, it looks too bright in relation to the hardware. The City and PT zippers kind of fall into the bag so the stark contrast is not that apparent.
  12. Out of curiosity what about the rggh on the work were u discussing? Just the zipper contrast?
  13. Yes, the zipper contrast and the fact that the zipper is more brassy in comparison to the older RGGH bags (2010 seasons).

  14. I love RGGH on all dark blue colors! I just checked my two 11f/w Works and their zippers are indeed brighter, but not in a bad way~. I like how it adds a bit of bling to my bag without overdoing it. :biggrin:
  15. Chloe, do you like it better in Anthra or DN with the RGGH if you don't mind me asking?