RG in Veau Trekking??


Jul 8, 2008
The bag that I ordered at FSH over a year a go has finally made its appearance according to a letter that I received today. Its a 35cm Rouge Garance Birkin in Veau Trekking with phw.
Was there to order a RG in Togo but that was not accepted so I ordered this one - now to the question does anyone have anything in RG in this leather? Have searched the forum and have not seen very little in Trekking. Can't remember what the sample looked like and I don't want to have it shipped here until I know that I will like the color since I really wanted a RG in Togo. So if anyone have a picture of V. Trekking in RG I would appreciate if you could post a picture or two.
Major thanks!


Jul 15, 2007
Sorry I have no pic of RG trekking, but oh boy that will be precious! Trekking replaced vache liegee and RG in VL was soooooo yummy i would have the bag in a heart beat :smile: Congratulations in advance!

They must have mailed a ton of letters at the same time, I got mine as well today :graucho: