Rewatching the Hills Season 1 DVD and...

  1. I noticed that Lauren was wearing her Medallion bag in the episode BEFORE Jason gave it to her as a present. I just thought it was funny. She wearing it in episode 6 after taking a test on her right shoulder while talking to Whitney on the phone. And then she receives it in episode 7 as a "surprise" gift from Jason haha.
  2. I noticed that when i watched that season too. I remember she didnt exposed it that much in episode 6 though. It seemed like she was kinda hiding it too:shrugs: maybe they shot episode 6 after episode 7? you never know

  3. Oh yea maybe they did shoot episode 6 after 7. Great call! :smile:
  4. I don't think they show the events in sequence on the show at all.. I think video editing just chops everything up to make it follow whatever storyline they want it to follow. So much for "reality" tv. :p
  5. very reality lol
    I wonder how much these girls are making compared to traditional stars.
  6. I noticed she wasn't that excited to receive it, so maybe she already had it and had to pretend she just got it...

    Or... she wanted the bag and arranged for Jason to 'give' it to her, on camera, as her gift.

    In any case, I didn't buy the reality of that scene for one minute.
  7. haha I noticed that too but I was new to the hills so yah..didn't know! great catch!!
  8. I totally noticed that as well...maybe she had 2 of them?