Rewards for working hard (A reveal)

  1. Lovely! Love Roma and sapphire
  2. Congratulations! What stunning choices...I'm giddy just looking at your pics.
  3. Wow, just gorgeous! Congratulations!
  4. Amazing....I love it!
  5. the bag is so cute~!!
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words and for the appreciation. I'm so happy with my "babies".
  8. Great choices, the colors are amazing! You will enjoy them for a long time
  9. Lovely.. congrat! >>love the colors
  10. Luxinlex - I'd be giddy, too. A big fan of the Roma here - love the Sapphire color and it looks great with the Topaz wallet.
  11. Love both colors and the styles are classic! Congrats!!
  12. gorgeous
  13. OP it is very well deserving to have!:yes:
    Congrats, they are beautiful!
  14. Love the Roma and I think the colour of the wallet looks great against the blue, congrats on both :tup:
  15. Gorgeous. Im envious of your style. Ive never met a beige i didnt love but you have inspired me. At minimum im thinking of getting one of the new bright colors for a wallet and you are so right- maybe i could actually find it! Imitation after all...