Rewards for working hard (A reveal)

  1. Sapphire Intrecciato Roma
    Topaz Intrecciato Nappa Zip Around Wallet.

    I'm still giddy with excitement!
    image-3878925089.png image-1432587628.png image-1579538523.png
  2. What an incredible color -- breathtaking!

    I am a big Roma fan, so I think this is a great choice! Congratulations!
  3. So vibrant and luxurious! A wonderful pairing too!
  4. Fantastic colors - congratulations!!!
  5. o0o0o0o I love the blue and the yellow
    congrats :yahoo::lolots::woohoo:
  6. Congrats on your new BV goodies! Sapphire is a gorgeous blue. :biggrin:
  7. It's Roma or bust for me! I think the Roma caters to all my needs and is so well suited to my personality (a.k.a. "so me!"). :smile:

    Thank you for appreciating!
  8. Thanks! The wallet is so easy to spot inside the bag. :smile:
  9. Beautiful color combination! They really show up the magnificence of the leather! Enjoy!
  10. I'm still doing the dance of joy! :yahoo:
  11. The color combination actually made me feel young...:p
  12. Thank you! The camera didn't do enough justice to the actual color.:smile:
  13. DH thinks so, too! Thank you!
  14. Gorgeous choices--love the blue and yellow pairing! Enjoy!
  15. Striking color combination! I love them both and am a big fan of bright wallets. This style wallet is my favorite.