Revolveclothing Or Singer22 Coupons!!

  1. I am really into those J Brand 10" pencil jeans. However the only websites I could find them that were in stock were at Revolveclothing and Singer22. Does anyone know nay good coupons for them? THANKS!! :yes:
  2. JT for 15% worked for me 3 days a go.
  3. Are you referring to these [link] or [link]?

    I saw this quotes "
    Buy from GoClothing:
    • Save 20% on each participating item when you spend $150.00 or more on Qualifying Items offered by GoClothing. Here's how (restrictions apply)
    on the Amazon site and the jeans are $158, so u might save 20% if you buy from Amazon. I am not 100% sure, try it out.
  4. THANKS SO MUCH!!! :yahoo:
  5. thank you, buying another pair of AG's
  6. no problem =]
  7. Thanks Munch. I used JT yesterday and it still works.
  8. still works today! oh how i love this forum
  9. i used PEOPLE for 20% off, but there are some exceptions

    I ordered 3 pairs of jeans from them last month and the canceled all but one pair of the jeans I ordered AND they upped the price without my consent. This happened to a lot of other people I know too. Be careful!!
  11. yeah singer22 cancelled my order with notifying me after a week with no tracking on my order, i called 3 times and no one answered, then i had to write an email, the next day the messaged me back and said that it was cancelled and i told them no one notifyed me and they emailed me back and said that they did, but i probably didnt get it. anyways from my experience i would say their customer service sucks! :cursing:
  12. I just used JT at revolve and saved $47:yahoo:

    Like magic, the money just dropped off of my bill -- this forum is amazing!!!!

    Anyway, JT still works, PEOPLE had restrictions on manufacturers.
  13. I'd stay FAR away from Singer. A friend of mine received a stained bag from them (big $$$) and the very unpleasant owner would not take it back, became defensive, insisted she did it.
  14. yep i've heard LOTS of bad things about singer22. stay away!
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