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    I need help.. Everytime i go to place my order on i get an error message saying that there was an error processing my order because of my credit card details.. i know my details are correct and ive tried using 2 different credit cards.. and it still wont work.. i have tried about 3 times.. :shrugs: im getting fed up now :crybaby:

    Has anyone experienced this problem and what is causing it ?? I need my items NOWW!! Ive emailed them, but they havent replied yet..
  2. ok ladies.. i worked it out... i hadnt updated my Account details on the MY ACCOUNT page... thats why it hadnt worked.. :shame:

    my order has gone through now :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. yayy!!!!! I'm glad everything worked out....

    now what new goodies did you order???
  4. I got the same message about an hour ago. It was my first time ordering so i entered the 30% discount code and when I went to reenter my credit card details (got error message first time) it said my discount had already been used.
  5. Cal !! The same thing happened to me!!! I couldnt use my 30% off code. So i had to use one that i had for 15% :sad:... oh well.. ive still saved over $60 on what i would have paid for the item if id bought it here..

    I bought the last Small Juicy Couture Velour track jacket in HOT PINK!
    And i have one in "Suspicion" (Plum) in my cart also.. so if the pink one fits well, ill buy that one too....
  6. I was trying to order some Blue Cult Jeans (it's their last pair and I realllly want them). Maybe I should just go ahead and order them. What was the 15% code (if you don't mind me asking)?

    I've sent customer services an email - hopefully they can figure it out!
  7. for 15% off just type in the code JT
  8. thanks! I'll give it a go!
  9. Hey thanks Mzvtec! It worked - Woohoo. I really wanted to order them as they were the last pair in my size.
  10. hey NP
    too bad we couldnt get 30% off though :crybaby:
  11. I sent them an email asking for the additional 15% - we'll see what happens. God, I'm cheap. ha ha!
  12. Hey MZVTEC, would you mind posting the code for the 30% off so that I can use that one when I check out too? Thanks for the 15% off code!
  13. the 30% code is the one you get when you first sign up