Revolveclothing first-time buyer discount?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I just moments ago ordered the Anna Corinna Mini Tote in Steel (YAY!) but nothing came up in checkout regarding the 30% off I read about here. Did I miss something? The confirmation email said my card was charged for the full price. I'll call them on Monday, but meanwhile, does anyone know how the discount works? Do they issue a credit? thanks for your help!
  2. You had to have signed up for the email list, then they send you a code for the 30%. Just call them, they are SOOOO accomedating! Enjoy!
  3. ohhhh, okay. guess I coulda asked first, huh? :smile: thank you for the info - i will definately call then Monday! D----
  4. yes, I just used mine a week ago. If you call them, they're credit your account. And they are super nice!
  5. congrats on getting the mini city in steel! i was thinking about using my coupon code for that too!