Revolveclothing coupon codes

  1. I'm in great need of a revolveclothig coupon code. I'm hoping for a 25% off like that apologies one but anything is great. Thanks!
  2. call them and ask them to coupon match DASZIGN.COM code. They have one right now for 40% off valid until Jan 17, code is 2007

    they will most likely tell you that they cannot match it but then ask them if they can match up to 30%. That's what they usually will do but won't offer unless you ask. They are sneaky like that.

    here is their price/coupon match policy:

    Revolve Clothing - Why Revolve

    If a coupon alone takes more than 30% off of the price, the coupon is matched at our discretion only.
  3. what is that code anyway???:yes:
  4. The code for is 2007. It's for 40% off regular priced merchandise (excluding 7FAM). It's valid through January 17th.
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  6. thank you thank you thank you ta2dqt, you know the tricks of the trade!!!! thanks!!
  7. so how much of the coupon did they match?
  8. darn that sounded dtoo good to be true. i had a bunch of true religion jeans and 7 jeans in my shopping bag and the code doesn't apply to those brands :sad:

    darn but it is a great deal.poo! 30% off they said. but excluding koobas, 7 jeans, true religion and he named another brand i forgot though.
  9. Dang it! There was a certain Kooba that I had my eye on. Guess that I'll try to find it on sale at another site. Thanks for the info.
  10. 30% for new customers, one time use. good luck:biggrin:

  11. Any $50 off $100 or $100 off $200?