revolveclothing coupon code 25%

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    since there site had been down for a few days, the above code can be used before 12/25 on all orders for 25% off.

  2. Thank You for posting!
  3. lv1011,
    Thanks again, I just saved $65.00!
  4. It seems the site doesn't work right now. Anybody experience the same?
  5. ^^ works for me :smile:

    ps. the email says that 7 jeans, hudson, nudie, and joe jeans are EXCLUDED...but the coupon is working for them right now. they havent caught it yet muaha
  6. Yay!!! Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks...another reason to shop some more!!! lol
  8. didn't work on hudsons for me :sad:

  9. yeah its down for me, too =(
  10. its not working for me either :sad:
  11. its working for me. earlier this morning, I placed a successful order for two pairs of 7 jeans, one already on sale and one reg price. I tryed right now for the heck of it and it didnt work on 7 jeans. They must have caught it :sad:

  12. oh i meant the website isn't even loading correctly for me. i've got your code copied and ready to go but i keep refreshing the site and it won't load.

    OH GOODNESS ITS BACK UP NOW! Thanks for the code! :smile:
  13. yay! it works! thanks for all the info!
  14. woo hoo i was looking all day yesterday for a RC coupon since now they carry juicy and then lo and behold this popped into my inbox this morning.
  15. Thanks so much for posting this! I just used it on some adorable boots. :heart: