New Brands Marked Down, 2nd round sale!!

  1. yeah great!
    Woud be better if I could get to checkout!
    What is going on?
    Is this happening to everyone or is it just me?:sad:
  2. Are there any codes they are currently matching?
  3. Seriously!
    I cannot get through to checkout!
    This is really p-ing me off now,soz about french!
    I have been trying since early this morning!
    Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. bagachondriac, aren't they matching Karizma's coupon? or did that expire??
  5. Has anyone managed to buy anything yet?

  6. Good Morning effinhaute....not certain but you know that I am going to find out!!
  7. What about this code....I emailed them just now to inquire as to whether they would match it!

    [​IMG]LABEL 360
    Use code Toutie36 for 36% off your order. Valid until November 27th.
  8. I just tried to call Revolve hoping they would be open early for Black Friday sales, however my call wasn't answered. Seriously, I can't see why they would not at least match the Karizma 25% discount. I will keep trying to call them and post my findings.
  9. lucky4 isn't working for me. even though i didn't try to buy any restricted brands this message keeps popping up saying that i did, but that the code has been applied to all other items, which isn't happening.
  10. Thanks for the post! Just ordered a Gustto Large Parina Tote in Dark Navy! I tried to use Lucky4 and got the same "restricted brands" message, even though it isn't on the list as a restricted brand. :confused1: I also tried REVOLVEINSTYLE but that said the coupon was expired, which is weird since it's supposed to be good until Nov. 30th. I ended up using JT for 15%. Better than nothing. And of course, if there's something a lot better - I'll just call them and get them to adjust it accordingly. I :heart: Revolve! :yes:
  11. aww this sucks. I just placed two orders prior and most of em are discounted further! Oh well. I'm thinking of still placing a third order lol
  12. I think "lucky4" is suppose to work, but not for certain brands. I tried using it on True Religion, but that's one of the excluded brands. I snatched up 3 pairs of them at around $130-140, so I'm happy!
  13. "Lucky4" isn't working for me either- and I don't have any restricted brands in my cart :sad:
  14. I heard that new users get 30% off. Is there a code for that or do they just apply it automatically since I've never ordered before? Thanks! These sales are amaaaazing