CAN do 30% off!

  1. hey girls..!

    just wanted to let you know that i decided to give it a try and ask revolves customer service if they would match Karizma boutique's 30% off coupon code (Karizma35) and they said YES!!! they sent me the reply yesterday Dec 21st! :yes:
    i pre-ordered the Mackage Alix Leather Jacket in Oatmeal! :yahoo:

    so grab your stuff ladies!!!!!:woohoo:

  2. thanks for the heads up! there's been a few things i'm eyeing. :biggrin:
  3. i tried the coupon code: Karizma35 and it doesn't work. Do i have to email them?
  4. this has always confused me... wait so ..they match the coupon code (the 30% off) even if karizma doesn't carry a certain brand or item that revolve does? i'm only asking because i didn't see any mackage coats on karizma but maybe i missed it
  5. Hi ladies, I tried to email them about pricematching karizma, but this is the response I got:

    Hi there,

    I am very sorry, but we are not matching that code, as we do not price match Karizma any longer. Do you have confirmation from a customer service representative stating that this specific code would be matched? Please advise.

    Regards, Service

    I'm bummed :sad:

  6. They recently told me that the criteria for matching another store was that they must carry at least 15 of the same they don't have to carry the item that you are wanting to purchase!!
  7. If you ordered size Large, then you'll be getting the one I just returned. I got a Large for my sister but it runs very small - it was more like a Small. Just keep that in mind.
    As for the coupon, you probably got someone who didn't know Karizma code is no longer matched. Lucky you.
  8. OK GIRLS... My apologies... :crybaby: i just got these 2 replies from revolve... :cursing:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I am very sorry for the confusion that has
    been caused. Unfortunately that code has expired. Do you happen to have
    another one? Please advise and I would be more than happy to further
    assist you in this matter. Thank you for shopping with Revolve Clothing.
    Have a great day!

    Customer Service
    *Revolve* <>


    Hi there,

    Unfortunately we are not matching Karizmas code for 30% anymore. The
    customer service rep who handled your previous email was mistaken. I am
    very sorry, but you can use dcrevolveh07 for 25% your order. Would you
    like me to apple it to your order? Please advise. Again I am very sorry
    for any inconvenience this has caused. Thank you and have a great day!



    ugh... i'm so dissapointed... but i guess 25% is good enough... :push: once again... sorry for the false alarm girls... :shame:

    thanks for the heads up blinchik, i tried on the jacket IRL actually, and i fit in the medium, but decided to go one size up to Large for comfort... :yes: so i think it should be ok.
  9. i e-mailed them and they said they won't match the code :sad: i got into trouble once by buying before e-mailing them about the price match so lucky i did this time and the exclusion for brands has expanded.

    Please remember that due to the
    manufacturer&#8217;s request, we are not allowed to use code matching and
    coupons on the following brands: Kooba, 7 for All Mankind, Hudson Jeans,
    Nudie Jeans, True Religion, Joe's Jeans, Citizens of Humanity and Paige
    Denim, Lutz and Patmos, Jovovich Hawk, Vena Cava. Cheap Monday, Clu,
    Sea, Common Projects, Rogues Gallery, Rose, A Lawless, Band of Brands
    and Botkier.
  10. I have the Mackage Alix jacket in oatmeal and I love it SO much. I always get a lot of compliments on it, too, so great choice!
  11. OMG! That really sucks! Clu, cheap monday and a lawless as well!? I understood why they excluded the jeans bc a lot of websites do.. but all those other brands... ugh.. :sad:

    Also, a while ago I had difficulty using Karizma Boutique's code because they no longer matched that website since they didn't carry a lot of hte things RC does. Some reps still accepted the code to match because they didn't know that they no longer accepted it. So it really depends on who replies to yoru emails.
  12. I think Revolve is cracking down on price matching in general. I haven't had luck with them matching anything lately.
  13. That sucks. sigh!
  14. I was told that they will price match Shopbop, NM, and Saks. I suppose all the bigger on line retailers.