Revolve totally ROCKS!

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  1. My Kooba arrived today, my first time buyer's 30% off Sloane, but when I opened it, there was a Carla instead. Soooo I called and they're overnighting the Sloane to me AND I'm keeping the Carla at 30% off the sale price as well. :yahoo:
  2. Why you little devil, two new bags!
  3. :angel: :busted :winkiss:
  4. Your lucky day! Wow, I'd go play the lottery!
    Congrats, what a great deal!

    You'll have to post some pics, what color Carla did you get?
  5. I think it's called metallic brown? least that's what their website says. I'm going to wait til the Sloane arrives and the Audrey I ordered from another place, then I'll have all my girls together for a picture. I can add the Alex and Parker that I have now. :smile:
  6. wow! congrats! revolve has the greatest customer service!!
  7. Cool Beans! Post pics on the Post your Kooba Pics thread. That is nice that they honored the 30% on both bags. :happydance:
  8. Way to go, Grace:yahoo::yahoo: Just got my code yesterday, valid for two years, I think that's pretty decent! Might even wait to see what the fall collection brings..

    So you got the Sloane and Carla with the Audrey on the way, lucky cow! You've gotta let me know how you feel about the shape of that Carla, 'cause I'm eyeing one in chestnut on eBay..:graucho: Just don't understand why Westend had trouble with her code (told her it wasn't valid for the Koobas) Hey Westend, I think you should call them and question this again!

    So now we're looking forward to pictures of all those Koobas, Grace, can't wait!!
  9. I know - I really want to buy one! I am a first time buyer but the code says it's invalid and the form won't accept it. When I called, the customer service rep was pretty firm that Kooba wasn't included and that's why I was getting the error message.

    But I think I'll buy the Lena anyway!
  10. That is awesome, can't wait to see pics :biggrin:
  11. Yee Haw! Can't wait to see the pics!
  12. Maybe you should mention that others on TPF were able to get their Kooba's discounted and that you don't understand how come that's not the case when you order. I just find it weird. Did you call back to talk to a different rep? I always do that. It doesn't hurt to double or triple check =).
  13. ^^^
    Good advice, Westend, try again!:yes:
  14. WOW that is awesome! :yes:
  15. Pictures please! That is some kind of deal!

    How do I get a code?