Revolve thanksgiving sale starts!!

Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina
Hey Baga!! Don't worry you can still price match after you have checked out. Just send them an email and they can retroactively refund you. Let us know if they price match that code. I already sent them an email about the karizma code but have not heard back yet.

Hey Chloe...I hate to email them twice-don't want to tick them off! I emailed them after placing my order because I never used the $50 credit that I earned from the beta survey. They had told me I could use it whenever so hopefully they will deduct it from my total. I'll wait and hope that someone else will contact them about the Jessie Boutique price match. It they are successful, then I will see if they will honor it for me. It would make about an $18 difference.

I'm fuming right now over NM and their poor CS. I just got another cancellation notice on a bag! Bummer!!:tdown:


One of the Obsessed
Oct 29, 2006
Bag Fantasyland
bagachondriac, I'm sorry about your bag woes - I saw it in the other thread. But very typical for NM.

omg thanks so much for the heads-up - I was still able to score quite a few nice dresses that I've been watching, last items left in my size. A lot of the other things on my wishlist are out, though.

I :heart: :heart: :heart: Revolve!!


Mar 23, 2007
YAY! Thanks for posting! I love Revolve! Going to buy a bunch of stuff when I get home from work. And there are WAY too many sales going on right now, it's making my head spin!
Oct 23, 2006
thanks for the post...scored a bunch of frankies and tons of tanks that have been on my wishlist :] much for my shopping ban!