Revolve thanksgiving sale starts!!

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  1. Not gonna lie.. this sale is amazing, heh
  2. So much for getting to bed earlier, everyone post what you end up getting and remember to use 'Lucky4' for an extra 25% off!

    I got these for a total of $95! Not baddd.

  3. OMG!! This sale is amazing!

    Are they price matching any 30% off codes?
  4. Sorry...posted this on the other Revolve thread...this is so incredible...definitely a 'kid in a candy store' sale!

    Thank you ever so much for this fabulous post! Here's what I bought thus far...there's so much on sale, it will take a large cup of coffee and a minimum of an hour to sit here and sift through it all!!

    [​IMG]<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>setImgWidth();</SCRIPT> [​IMG]<SCRIPT type=text/javascript>setImgWidth();</SCRIPT> [​IMG]Total Order $282.00
    :jammin::woohoo: :yahoo::tup::wlae:
  5. yes they are. Hopefully! I emailed them about this a few weeks agothough, so I am not sure if it sitll valid. Karizma Boutique's code, toutie35%. THey are willing to match that for 30%!
  6. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! I added a bunch of stuff to my shopping cart.. unfortunately I am at my SO house so as soon as I get home I am going to order everything. Hopefully nobody takes it away from me! This sure woke me up!
  7. Anyone had problems getting the new buyers 30% discount on Bulga at revolve? I tried yesterday adn the customer service rep. told me it does not work for bulga bags! Now I know I have read of at LEAST two people on the purse forum who used it on Bulga.
  8. Jessie Boutique offers a 30% discount using code 'toutie30'. Will Revolve match that? I wish I had thought about the price match before placing my order. Oh wouldn't have been that much less...I still got a great deal on the Bulga bag!!
  9. Hey Baga!! Don't worry you can still price match after you have checked out. Just send them an email and they can retroactively refund you. Let us know if they price match that code. I already sent them an email about the karizma code but have not heard back yet.
  10. Thanks for the post! I finally got a Catherine Malandrino sweater that I've been eyeing forever!
  11. Ah, some really nice deals. But it does take a while to browse everything.
  12. Got a new bulga!!!
  13. This is so great! i love Revolve anyway but this is awesome! I got two pairs of jeans for the price of one, onsale and using the revolveinstyle code. Yippeee!
  14. Congratulations ;) This bag is really gorgeous. I Love everything about it!