REVOLVE one-time use codes...

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  1. For those who want/need codes, request a PM and/or list your email address.
    (Clarification: I dont have any to give. Others can PM/email you if THEY have codes to spare.)

    If you got codes to spare, first off, God bless you! - and be sure to PM/email your codes to the requesting users. When codes are posted, users often do not make a note of using them and it becomes annoying...

    Thank YOU and I'm also always looking for codes. Please PM and/or email me:
  2. can these codes be used on pre-order items? tia
  3. you can't use codes on pre-order items, as total is $0 at the time of pre-order. you can call and apply a code though once your order is in stock
  4. just so you guys know, there are computer programs that scan forums/websites like this for people's e-amil addys. Everytime you post it publicly you're likely added to thousands of spam lists.
    I WOULD NOT ever list your e-mail addy here under any circumstance.
  5. thanks for answering my question! and thanks swanky for warning us