Revolve matching code question...

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  1. Hiii...

    Just curious as Im reading all the different threads on the Revolve sale and matching codes--I was a tad confused and was wondering if 30% off is the best revolve matching code or if there was another one for 36% at label360 and is the karizma35 a 35% off coupon code?

  2. Revolve only matches other site's coupons up to 30%, so they're honoring the karizma35 code but only for 30%. I think someone posted that they don't match the label360 code because they don't sell enough of the same brands (12) between the two sites.
  3. just tried karizma35 and it said it was an invalid code....

  4. You can't enter it into Revolve's coupon code section because it's not their own code- they honor it but that particular code is for the Karizma site and will only work there. You have to place your order and call them to do a price adjustment. Try using the coupon "JT" for 15% and then call them and say you'd like them to match the Karizma35 code. They'll refund you the extra amount- a bunch of members did this on Friday, including myself. There are a few brand restrictions though- like Kooba, Citizens, True Religion, etc.
  5. Does anyone know why lucky4 doesn't work anymore? I was able to use it on all brands before but now it gives me an error message with the list of excluded brands even though my item is not on that list. I thought lucky4 was supposed to work until the end of November?
  6. I wonder the same. Instead I just used the JT code and emailed them about it. If I remember correctly, I used that same code a few weeks back, and made orders on the same brands and it worked. If they reply back to the email about it, I'll update you!
  7. if you go through the old site where it says "faint-hearted" on the right hand side of the screen the lucky4 will work. I just order my stuff yesterday.
  8. Well this is weird. Lucky4 didnt work for me, neither did REVOLVEINSTYLE. I had to use JT on the site but emailed them for a price adjustment with the Karizma price match coupon.

    This is the email I received from them:
    Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that we are not matching the code on sale items or restricted brands. Per our policy listed on the website, the merchandise can be price matched or coupon matched up to 40% off the retail price. You have already used our JT code, which brings the discount to already over the 40%. I do apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this may have led to and thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

    How annoying is that?
  9. same exact thing happened to me. I tested the REVOLVEINSTYLE code on paige jeans and it worked one day and then the next day I was ready to purchase, and it stopped working. I got the same reply too for the non restricted items on my 3rd order.

    What is the URL to the old site with the "faint hearted"?

  11. That is weird- I used it on 2 pairs of Citizens and 2 Vita bracelets, both of which were on sale. I ended up paying 50% off the original retail price. I think a few people the other day were told the same- it's like they're selectively applying it. Try calling- might get lucky.
  12. thanks for the tip, remonb. it does work! I wonder if I can cancel my order before they ship!
  13. Yes you can. Either email them, or just give them a call.
  14. i'm a mess with all this, i've been looking on the site where to add the coupon? do i have to actually buy it then the reduction will be applied?sorry for asking dumb questions but i'm new to all of this!i just ordered last week acnne jeans but they were already 50%off
  15. I just called and spoke to a CS agent. They said LUCKY4 and REVOLVEINSTYLE are both expired. They wouldn't let me use the Karizma price matching on the Citizens jeans but they did up the discount from the JT 15% coupon to 20% on the Gustto bag I ordered.

    They have a NEW COUPON which I don't recall being posted - it's TBHOLIDAY07.

    I'm going to start a new thread just in case people miss it! :smile: