Revolve matching any codes???

  1. Thanks!
  2. They are matching the coupon code "bigfallsale" for 30% off at
  3. has anyone tried this "matching" code? Does it work?

  4. Yes I emailed them and they said they would match it. After you check out just email them and ask them to match the coupon code above. That's what I did and they sent me an email right away with the amount they would refund me.
  5. yup, I ordered some stuff yesterday and they are matching the code. I called and then e-mailed with my order number.
  6. I emailed them after I placed my order but they said it was only valid on orders over $100 dollars.:sad:
  7. You can also try placing the order over the phone. The rep will accept the coupon match right away (and you don't have to wait for a refund).
  8. i just called to take advantage of this, and kooba, botkier, citizens, sevens, paige, and true religion are excluded. i was so excited to get a new pair of paige, too :tdown:
  9. i couldn't find this n the website

    when does the code end?
  10. You have to email them after you've made your purchase and they'll take 30% off then. It's shopepic's promo code but they are matching it so you won't find it on revolve's website! HTH.. happy shopping!
  11. i meant i can't find the expiry date for the code on shop epic

  12. I am not 100% sure if it was on this coupon, but I am pretty sure it was. Someone contacted shop epic and they told her there was no expiration on the coupon that they knew of.