Revolve has new gustto and botkier!

  1. Just checked the revolve site and they have the medium botkier bianca in cherry red that's been so hard to find! Also have the new gustto fall collection. 30% off for new customers!
  2. I think I read somewhere on the forum that the 30% does not apply to certain brands, including Botkier. So just check with them before you order.
  3. I am not sure, but I think the Styles07 code still works. You can get 20% off with that!
  4. Cherry Bianca can be found at karizma boutique for 30 percent off.
  5. what's the code for 30% off at karizma?
  6. There is no code, you just have to call the store for the deal. The owner is really nice and you should mention tPF.