Revolve Has Gustto Navy Parina For Only $313!! Use Code To Further Reduce! 1 Left!

  1. it's gone but that was a steal! :smile:
  2. Wow, For future reference, how would they match the codes? Do you call them to buy and use the code at the same time or can you place your order and call back to use the code?
  3. Thank You!!!

  4. Hi can either place the order by phone or do it online and then send them an email asking that they match another store's code. I prefer placing my order by phone as this way I have a name and I know for certain that the code/discount is being matched. One of their reps told me once that the criteria for matching another store is that they carry at least 15 of the same brands. The most that they will match is 30% which to me is sufficient.