revolve doing anything for after xmas?

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  1. just wondering if anyone knows if revolve will be adding additional items or markdowns for an after christmas sale. TIA!
  2. They just announced their after Christmas sale - I can't tell if there are any additional markdowns or if it's the same stuff from right before Christmas, though.
  3. there's lots of new markdowns! i just bought a kjl bangle, mike & chris hoodie and theory top! DCREVOLVEH07 still works for 25 % off too!
  4. Thank you soooo much for posting that code! I just got the RM Matinee in chocolate/wine for $234.75 - with free shipping. What a deal! (I hope I like it - I have been looking at it for a while!)
  5. site down :sad:
  6. Yes, it was was very slow as I was trying to order. It took several minutes to process payment. It keeps coming and going for me.
  7. I guess I'll try later....thanks for posting the code!
  8. AUGH! They had RM bags on sale?? Darn - I was away all day and missed it!

    Oh well - I got a pair of Primp sweatpants. The dress I've been waiting for forever to go on sale didn't I'll wait and hope it doesn't sell out.
  9. I got lucky!!!:yahoo: Hopefully, I will love this RM bag as much as I do my MA. For only $225, I purchased the RM Jane in earth brown. The pic below is from Active Endeavors...not the same color.

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  10. Coupon does not work for many brands, including Kooba:crybaby: