Revolve - customs?!

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm just so sad right now, I'm supposed to buy my ticket to paris next week, but I ordered 3 pairs of pants (1 notify, 2 juicy sweats) and a cashmere sweater from revolveclothing. I've ordered from them before but never over 200$, this time I ordered for 715,55$. I'm just scared outta my mind that I'm going to have to pay customs that equals that amount, because that has happened to me, i absolutely cannot afford 1431,1$! I've just read a few messages about girls ordering to much = big package, they get suspicious and put a big fat tax on it, i'm so scared, i don't know what do to. I know i'm over reacting but still, i'm sorry. :sad: is there any way of sending back the package before having to pay customs? :shame: btw, I live in Sweden, and chose the 5 - 10 day delivery at no charge. What do you think? I called them and asked them, and then a really rude girl asked me if I wanted to track it?! wtf, no i said i wanted to know if there were any custom taxes, and then she asked me again if i wanted to track it, and then finally she said it could be taxes. God, sorry about me ranting. :shame:
  2. i've never had to pay charges from revolve, ever. but if they try to charge you you can reject the package and revolve are very good at refunds so at least you won't lose money.
  3. Okay, thanks :smile: But how do I reject it? :Push: :shame:
  4. you just don't pick it up from the post office and they send it back after a certain number of days :shame: or if they bring it to you say you won't pay and tell them to send it back.
  5. i think u will have to pay revolve for all shipping charges both way if u reject it.
  6. Thank you both! :smile: Yeah, I can deal with the shipping charges, at least they're not 1400$ ;)
  7. If your order value is $715, you can't possibly have to pay that much - the Swedish VAT is 25% + 12% customs fee, so the maximum amount the customs would charge you would be around $200. I have ordered from Revolve many times, and it is true that when you get just one pair of jeans, it normally slips through customs unnoticed, but on a large order, there would normally be fees. I have never returned anything to them, so I don't know how their return policy works, but they are usually very nice to deal with.
  8. I've ordered from Revolve loads of times and have never had to pay customs charges - the last order was 3 pairs of jeans so it wasn't a massive package. No matter what, every time I order from Shopbop I get taxed. Every single time.
  9. but revolve have free shipping for orders over $100 ;)

    yeah i hate ordering from Shopbop, they're :devil: (or at least ups are) but their selection is so much better :crybaby:
  10. it's only free shipping if ur actually keeping the order
  11. they've never taken anything off my refund when i've returned stuff.. i mean it might not have been exactly the same amount but exchange rates fluctuate, and with the dollar mainly going down you tend to lose a little bit when you get a refund if you paid in a different currency.
  12. i don't know about revolve but all stores that offer free shipping will deduct all shipping charges if u refuse a package and i'm stressing refuse. Hey who knows maybe they won't