Revolve coupon code - HELP!

  1. Has anyone tried to apply a coupon to brands that Revolve has deemed not applicable - ie: Kooba, Botkier, Citizens?

    It said it wouldn't accept it but at the bottom of the order, it had taken off the $50. Does anyone know if it sticks? I don't want to receive this by mail and find out I ended up paying full price. :sad:
  2. I have never heard of revolve taking back the discount if their online system gives it to you. I know that if you call in on the phone with the code, they won't give it to you if you are trying to order those certain brands. But I think that most people that have ordered Kooba's, etc. and used a code that has worked, have had them delivered without having any problems.
  3. Woooo! Let's hope it works then! :yes: