Revolve Code Q.

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  1. If you used a one-time 25% code on an item, and then the item didn't fit, and you returned the item, is the code gone forever or can you call them and use it again? :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a one use code...maybe if you exchange for another size they would honor the price. I'm not sure, you should just contact their customer service, they are pretty nice!
  3. the same thing happened to me i had a coupon code and wanted to exchange my item for a different size but they wouldn't honour the code for me. i would still give them a call though
  4. I used a code on an order and had to return the item, I contacted customer service and they made a notation on my account to honor the code on my next order. When I made a new order I had to call so that they could apply the code.