revolve code plz?

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  1. anyone has? thanks!!!:heart:
  2. there's always jt for 15%.
  3. I think JT is the only one right now...
  4. thank you ladies.
  5. can you stack that coupon with a new member discount?
  6. nope, not combineable
  7. so I ordered a pair of true religions from revolve last night, and I put in the code JT, which was supposed to be for 15% and the total came out to be 30% off. Then, I read my email, and the confirmation was for the price with only the 15% off!!! and I sent them an email telling them this, and of COURSE they don't believe me, and say that was the only price that could have/would have shown up on my screen. HOW RIDICULOUS!! I called and they said the same thing. They don't believe me at all!! What should I do? Suck it up and not cancel my order? Advice?
  8. How do you know that it came about to be 30% off? Did you calculate it or did it tell you that?
  9. revolve's customer service seems to have gone from fabulous to uber crappy. lately i've been getting USED clothes from them that smell like laundry detergent and are wrinkly...and bags with huge stains. Every time I've emailed them they just say..."oops, well you can send it back." Yeah, thanks for wasting my time. I'm pretty close to being done with them forever.
  10. I can't believe this....I wish our forumer can inform us here before revolve finds out:P
  11. I just calculated it, I was expecting a much larger number than I got. I wasn't going to buy them till I saw the HUGE discount so I jumped on them!! But now they're just being RIDICULOUS about it. Shouldn't you trust the customer? I really am telling the truth!
  12. hmm usually what i do is do a screen capture of my internet orders, that way, you can send them that as proof!
  13. that's so annoying! I hate spending more than I previously thought.
    Are there any other stores revolve is coupon matching right now?
  14. I agree, i just received a splendid cardie, it wasnt used, but it had a pull in the front. They agreed to hold a replacement for me and i returned it (paying the full cost of return international shipping which i was never re-imbursed for). Then when they received my returned faulty item, the said 'oh sorry we never held that for you actually and we have sold out'. Then they give me a 25% off code, and i just tried to use it and it doesnt work!
  15. I have used promo codes on True Religion jeans . 15% only though. It says that they wont honor codes on those jeans anyway, so whatever discount you got consider yourself lucky...You cant win with that one because really there is no discount for TR at all.