revolve clothing?

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  1. anyone know where i can get a revolve clothing coupon? preferably a % off
  2. Boy..that's strange Christinetchoi. You posted your question at the same time I was performing a search to make certain I wasn't about to post a sale that had already been posted! HEHE!

    I just received my retailmenot newsletter in which there were several codes for Revolve. I don't know what, if any restrictions there are but here goes...

    REVOLVEINSTYLE 20% Off Until November 30, 2007

    lucky4 25% Off Your Entire Order Expires November 30, 2007

    Hopefully, one or the other will work for you. Good Luck!
  3. lucky4 worked for me on Saturday for 25% off.
  4. Omg Yay!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    You saved me $58 on Juicy warm ups and jewelry.
  6. oh it works on juicy!? does anyone know if those can be applied to the restricted brands like citizens and true religion?? I know JT did but that was 15%, I am hoping ot find a better coupon. THANKS!!
  7. I just used it on Primp last week, I don't think it's restricted.
  8. Revolve also matches other sites' 30% off codes. I believe they are still matching ShopEpics's code BIGFALLSALE. I code matched a few weeks ago to get 30% off an Anna Corinna bag from Revolve.
  9. I've use this code too. Not sure when it expires, but you have to make a purchase of at least $100.
  10. Here are Revolve's restricted brands:

    True Religion
    Seven for all Mankind
    Citizens of Humanity
    Paige Premium Denim
    Joe's Jeans
  11. thanks for the code, just got a coat and jeans
  12. The one for 20% works on restricted brands. The one for 25% doesn't.
  13. Daniela is right. The 20% code worked for me for a pair of Citizen jeans, but not the 25%.
  14. if you place and order and call, then tell them that you never used your 30% off except use a new email address, they adjust the price for you
  15. *I just received a newsletter from stating that their 30% off sale ends October 31, so Revolve should still be matching this discount.

    Code: bigfallsale