Revolve Clothing

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the 30% off for first time customers is ok to purchase a Kooba? I know on some sites they don't allow Koobas to be discounted. Sorry if this is already posted some where. I looked, but didn't see anything....

  2. I heard that you can't, but I had purchased a Kooba bag back in Dec, and it worked. It might have changed now, since some members said it's not allowed.
  3. i bought a kooba fr them last month using the 30% off code and it worked. but the bag was on sale and wasn't from the current season so maybe kooba just changed their policy and it won't work on the new bags.
  4. HI there- I called Revolve last week 2 different times. Both times they told me the 30% discount does not apply on Kooba, but apparently others were able to do it.
  5. Is it a code? Or would it just be applied automatically?
  6. Okay, this is amazing... I found out how to use get the code, and you can get the Kooba Ginger shipped for $212! The code saves $90.90! And this is on top of the bag already being at a ridiculously low price.

    If you're a first time buyer, here's the link to get the coupon e-mailed to you:

    I am OFFICIALLY on a purse ban now!
  7. thanks very much WORDBOX, i signed up and got the coupon code.
  8. Thank you wordbox,

    I used the 30% coupon and purchased my bf a pair of 7 jeans;):smile:

    too bad it only works for 1st time buyer. Is there anyone who used the code the second time around and got the discount?
  9. they are unfortunately very good at detecting

    what i did was signed up with a diff email
    and had to use another cc card with another billing address

    i think u can use the same CC but the billing address each time has to be different :smile:
  10. Interesting...we'll have to see if that works hehe;)
  11. thanks for the email link, I just ordered a pair of True religion grey jeans. 30% off what a deal.
  12. COOL Do they accept Paypal? Do any contemporary to high end online store accept Paypal?
  13. I just bought some stuff last week from The Purse Store, as well as Allison Burns' website. Both accepted Paypal.
  14. thanks!
  15. Huge thanks for the info about the 30% discount. I used it with no problem last night on a Kooba Elisha, saving myself $159 in the process. It's so nice that people share their coupons, codes and shopping opportunities on here!