Revolve Clothing sent me a USED bag! Horrible CS experience.

  1. I recently posted about the hardware on the Gustto Carla bag I purchased from Revolve Clothing. Well, it gets worse...The bag had no tags on it, and upon further inspection, there were CRUMBS in the main compartment! I called customer service, and they told me it had indeed been a customer return. I said, Well I was under the impression that it was a brand new bag, just an older style. If it had been USED, shouldn't that have been noted in the item description, along with the words SOLD AS IS?? She told me that the customer returns dept. carefully inspects all bags, but hello...they missed this one.

    I do like the bag, but I feel as though I have been duped. I thought I got a NEW bag for a good price; instead I got a USED bag for just an OK price, considering someone used and soiled it. The CS rep was very cold (not very customer friendly at all), but told me I could return it. I expected them to offer me like a 10% discount to keep it, but instead they'd rather resell it to another unsuspecting customer. Anyway, buyer beware if you come across that bag on their site!

    I know many of you have shopped at Revolve and undoubtedly have had good experiences, but I just wanted to share my experience. Thanks for letting me vent!:cursing:
  2. Whoa! That is bad. Sorry you have to go through that!
  3. That sucks! You should call back and talk to someone else. They can come up with something better than that!
  4. that's terrible!
    as much as u love the bag you should really return it - you have been majorly duped
  5. Oh no, that's unforgiveable.
    They can definitely offer you something for your troubles.
    Write them back!

    I had problems with them on two occasions. The first time my order just never arrived - a Bulga purse which was ridiculously cheap, so I missed out! The second, was another Bulga bag that i received which had a horrible scratch on it.

    At that point, I wrote a long note to them complaining and they offered me a discount of 60% off my next purchase. Bear in mind, that I had TWO very bad experiences, AND I threatened them with the wrath of the media (since I'm a fashion journalist.) so it's doubtful they'll give you the same deal. But you should get something for your inconvenience. Let us know how it turns out!
  6. Poof!!!! Revolve......gone from my Favorites!!!!
  7. Wow, sorry to hear that. I order regularly from them and have always received exceptional customer service. As have many members of another community I'm on (denim). Sorry to hear that a few bad apples from the company ruined your experience.
  8. I had a similar experience with a Nordstrom bag. Mine had medication in it. :nuts:
  9. Wow! That's terrible.
  10. This reminds me of a story that someone posted on the Balenciaga forum. She was in Neiman Marcus checking out a B bag. When she opened it up, she found a really long hair in the bag :nuts: The SA said it was a brand new bag and refused to give her any discount.

    I think there was more to the story but I don't remember it.

    Sorry you had to go through that. I posted a thread a while ago about "new" bags- you never really know, do you, how new is your new bag :wtf:
  11. As disgusting as that is, I don't really think it's worth a discount. I've worked in retail before and customers often want to put stuff in the bag when they "try it on." Someone must have put a hairbrush or something in it and that's where the hair came from.

    I'm sorry to hear about Revolve. Did you use any code on your purchase? That might be why they didn't offer an additional discount. If the bag is soiled (besides the crumbs) then I would definitely return it. If you don't mind the bag, then I think you should keep it but only if you continue to contact Revolve to see if they will give you a discount. Good luck!
  12. That's awful. Good luck. Hope everything turns out well.
  13. That's too bad. I've always had excellent customer service with them. Speedy shipping, easy returns with quick refunds. But, I have never ordered handbags...only clothing. Hope that you can get something worked out to your satisfaction.
  14. That's terrible. I'm sorry that happened. I say you call again [always writing down the names of who you speak to--for any place you call] and get whoever's in charge over there.
  15. Yuck! I can understand a strand of hair getting into a purse, but how do you explain crumbs. And not to mention fellow TPFers, have you ever put any crumby food in your bag???:wtf: Perish the thought!!!!!