Revolve Clothing ~ New Sale * 30%-80% Off

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  1. Can we use Tulip - or what is the best discount code there is to go with the sale?
  2. Yes, "tulip" still work!! :smile:
  3. awesome, everything in my wishlist went on sale, thanks for posting Bag!!!
    don't forget to use "tulip" for additional 15% off on most brands minus the typical exclusions.
  4. ^^"Typical exclusions" means Rebecca Minkoff, right? :s
  5. Thank you! I always end up buying a Twisted Heart sweatsuit whenever you post these Revolve sales.
  6. Use "CANDY" for restricted brands for extra 10% off! I used CANDY for my Juicy Couture items.
  7. Just ordered 4 gorgeous Tolani scarfs for the Fall!!! $37/each! :nuts:
  8. none of them work for my bag i want. :sad:
  9. The things I want, never go on sale. I need a 30% code like before, but I didn't get around to using.
  10. Ugh. I pulled the trigger before checking for coupon codes since there was only one of what I wanted left. Oh well, at least I've got a new theory top coming to me:smile:
  11. can first time customers get 30% off?
  12. TULIP doesn't work for True Religion..but "CANDY" does for 10% off!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  13. you might want to email their customer service, they still might be able to apply it to your order.
  14. Just ordered 3 tops and saved $19.80 thanks for tulip! And thanks for posting.