Revolve Clothing Coupon Code for 20%

  1. Use PEOPLEREVOLVEDEAL for 20% off.

    (* This offer ends November 29th. Please note, the following brands are excluded from this promotion: Seven For All Mankind, True Religion, Citizens of Humanity, Paige, Joe’s Jeans, Kooba).

    Happy Shopping :yes:
  2. styleforum06 is also good for 20% off. think the same brands are excluded
  3. revolve will coupon match daszign's 'five' code up to 30%! just got me some harajuku lovers tops :yahoo: !
  4. ally24k, can u explain to me what you mean about revolve matching the codes? sorry, im a bit slow..hehe...thanks!!
  5. ^^ Revolve will match any competitor's coupons as long as they both carry the same brand and that brand is not one of their restricted brands. Daszign has a 35% coupon out right now so I ordered some harajuku lovers stuff off revolve (they had a much better selection) and called for a coupon match. They said they will only do 30% so I accepted. Daszign only carries L.A.M.B. (not harajuku lovers) but the CSR let me do it anyways.
  6. ^^ oooo...ok..thanks!!
  7. Thanks :heart:
  8. thanks! saved $ on a purchase i made yesterday and a new purchase today! revolve is the best!
  9. Hey what is the coupon code for Daszign? Also, for revolve to match any competitor's price, would I have to order by phone?
  10. ^^ the coupon code for daszign is 'five' (expires on the 11th). They will match any competitor's coupon code as long as they carry the same brand (and it's not a restricted brand). I usually just order over the internet and then call them afterwards.
  11. they dont do price match for true religion eventhough daszign give 35%off on that as well :sad: :crybaby:
  12. i tried the code on these true religion jeans i bought and it WORKED!! :wlae::yahoo:
  13. do u mean daszign coupon or revolve coupon moniquexiv??
  14. Revolve has the best clothes selection. What I like best about them is free shipping and returns plus coupon codes!!
  15. thank you! just used peoplerevolvedeal on lfa nomad boots that were already on sale :yahoo: