Revolve Clothing Codes?

  1. Anyone have a Revolve Clothing code? I can't bring myself to order from the website without a code!!!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Lucky4 for 25% off. yeesh I loooove Revolve
  3. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
  4. Will this work on Paige jeans? TIA!
  5. No because it's on their list of excluded brands. But I think the "revolveinstyle" for 20% off and the "JT" code for 15% might work for the excluded brands according to what other PFers have said.
  6. yeah "revolveinstyle" does work for excluded brands. i tried it on a pair of citizens. yippee!

    the code ends on 11/30 fyi :biggrin:
  7. Thanks for the codes ladies. Just saved myself $60.00 :tup::yahoo: