Revolve Clothing Codes

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  1. Please let me know if you have any, other than the regular JT. Thanks so much!!
  2. Nothing :sad:
  3. Try "fabulous" for 25 off... this was posted a couple weeks ago.
  4. I thought that one didn't work
  5. Fabulous is not a valid code. I think JT for 15% is the best one at the moment.
  6. That's what I was afraid of! I really want a new pair of jeans but really should wait for one of their fantastic codes....decisions, decisions
  7. whats this first timer code i keep hearing about?? i signed up and never got one!! and i want lots! haha
    thanks all.
  8. If you signed up and never got the first time code, just call in with your order and you will get 30% off. No code needed - they know if you've ordered from them or not before.
  9. Keep an eye out for Revolve e-mail; I got an e-mail asking me to test out their beta site and give them feedback about it. In return they gave me a $50 off of my next purchase of $150.00! (It's a one-time code generated for each person, though, and lasts only 30 days). So keep an eye out for it!
  10. Do you know can i use my first time code and $30 off code of purchase $100 at the same time?
  11. I got that email & filed out the reply & didn't receive anything :sad:
  12. Hmm, try reading the e-mail again; it should be a part of their request for you to try the beta site, not to complete the survey. Here's what mine said:

    You've been chosen to be among the first customers to experience our newly redesigned site, currently in beta (everything should work fine, but we're still testing it). Feedback from customers such as yourself has inspired the new features in our beta site, as well as our ongoing commitment to your entire shopping experience.

    As a way of saying thanks for being a great customer and valuable member of the Revolve community, we've created a coupon worth $50 off your next $150 purchase* (certain exclusions apply): XXXYXUJXEXX, valid for the next 30 days. This coupon can only be used once and was created just for you, so do not share it unless you don't want to use it yourself. Should you feel so inclined, we have created a survey
    to gather your thoughts regarding the new site. As always, we love to hear from you!
  13. yhassan, i have a 30$ of 100$ purchase coupon that I won't be using. It expires in two weeks though? PM me if you would like it Yhassan!
  14. Revolve are great, they will coupon match their competitors if you email them and ask :yes:
  15. I completed some survey and got the 100 off a 200 purchase coupon. It was linked in the email that talks about the new beta site.