Revolve Clothing Codes--I Found One!!!

  1. This one worked for me's for 15% off and it applied to the sale item I ordered!!:tup:

    Code: JT
  2. niiice! i love their selection, and their free shipping is brilliant!
  3. awesome! thanks!!
  4. You are most welcome! I was just as excited to find it!!
  5. Isn't there a 20% in Lucky?
  6. I haven't looked through my Lucky/October yet.....must do that right away!! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the code

  8. There is?? Do you know what the code is:smile:?
  9. Does anyone know if you can use a discount code with the first time buyer discount?
  10. Tx Honeybee- Sorry but nope :T you can't combine any coupons.
  11. anyone got the 20% off code?

  12. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find it in the October Lucky...that is, unless I'm not looking in the right place. I looked through the Lucky Breaks section and found discount codes for stores like (25%-"luckybreaks1"), (25%-"luckybreaks8"), (25%-"luckybreaks9"), (25%- "luckybreaks7"), and others. I did not see anything in that section for Revolve Clothing. Could it be somewhere else within the magazine? I've only given it a once over, so I could have missed it. Help me here......:confused1:
  13. I hope you find it. I need a code and 20% would be great.
  14. I didn't find it, but when I get a chance this evening, I will look through it thoroughly.
  15. And what did you buy? I hope it wasn't a handbag!! ;)