revolve clothing codes?? HELP!

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  1. anyone know of any discount codes or sites for revolve clothing?
    I had one for 30%, but misplaced the code.
  2. Summerloving
  3. summerloving expired :sad:
  4. anyone?
    someone mentioned ****** or something and getting back 30%?
  5. they do COUPON matches too. if you mention a competitors coupon that is still valid, then they will match that discount!
  6. luckymag for 25%off
  7. ^dosent work unless u are using that code for the four items that were in that magazine.

    anyone else?
  8. tb4 20% off
  9. tb4 for 20% i think
  10. damn i read this too late! i placed a big order from them yesterday! oh well, excuse to order more heheh
  11. Hi All,
    I am new here. This is my very first post...Yeah!:nuts:
    Anyway, just to let you know "Blushingbaby" that "tb4" doesn't work for all brands, tons of them are excluded! So no worries...:yes:

    For those of you who are interested in Designer Jeans, I just found out when Googled, there's a web site name Designs By Stephene -not sure if I can add a link:idea:- they offer a $50 off when you order a pair of Jeans of $150 or more (even the ones on sale!) + a tee shirt.
    Code: FREE
    I just picked a Seven jeans + a tee on sale, total $122 shipped! Free shipping on order over $100 and no tax for me!!!:yahoo:
    They have most of the designs from the brands they sell; but don't have COH, though!

    Hope that'll help.
  12. thanks! i ordered a pair of pants from there today and it worked! i'm addicted to that site! i love their free shipping! :yahoo:
  13. I was going to order a pair of true religions from there but it said 4 weeks to deliver! I can't wait that long once I want something!
  14. JT seems to work on everything.. it's around 15% off from memory. :smile:
  15. thanks frankiep!
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