Revolve Clothing Codes/Coupon/Deals

  1. If anyone has another $50 off of $100 coupon, could you please PM me? TIA!;)
  2. I'm desparate for a code, please PM me! Anything better than Jt.
  3. Could anyone PM me a code as well? Or you can email it to me at TIA!
  4. anyone have any $50 off $100 codes wanting to share this way, please?

    also, is anyone else having trouble acessing the refer a friend link for revolve? i can't get on the site? i dont know why.
  5. anyone can send me any coupon they are not using?
    i want to get something for my family..
    thank you
  6. the code JT isn't working any more. :tdown::shocked:

    Any one has a spare code?
  7. Oh. Noooooo!!! Any new working code??

  8. the refer a friend link is not working either, they stopped it. They are going to the ****ter IMO.
  9. Perhaps the weakening economy is having a negative impact on Revolve too! IMO, Revolve is one of the best online stores and I personally can't fault them for discontinuing a code/discount. Revolve is one of the few that will match other codes in addition to giving us free shipping both ways!!
  10. What??? Hasn't JT worked forever? Noooo!
  11. Any codes right now??
  12. could be bag, but also I had a specific note on my account for a $150 off $300 code and I called them to confirm before using it and all of a sudden she says "NO SORRY" we cant allow it anymore and now they have no discount codes out? Im sorry, but thats terrible customer service. Of course I am escalating to a manager because in the past month I have asked 3x to have the note confirmed and no one mentioned an expiration to me and now all of a sudden when they have 0 codes, 0 discounts, they want to eliminate a documented one? not happening. I will need to have a few words with the manager on monday.

  13. In this case, I can understand your argument and how you could be upset with not being able to use a code for which there was no apparent expiration date. They should at least allow you to use your code, and I too would speak with the highest person in authority to argue my point. But as for them disabling the JT code, I have no argument with them. I can't think of another merchant who has offered a code without it having an expiration date. The code 'JT' has been around at least as long as I've been a member of tPF. Like everybody else, I'm going to miss the 15% off and hope that it's replaced by something even better. I just fear that as a consequence of what's going on in our economy, we're going to be seeing a lot more of this.