Revolve Clothing - Additional Sale Markdowns - handbags, jeans, etc.

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  1. I really :heart:

    The final price for sale items may be lower than the price listed when you search by category. For example, I got the Goldenbleu Sophie listed at $367, but item detail shows it is $184! I can't believe I got a Goldenbleu, an awesome brand introduced to me by you ladies, for ~$129. :yahoo:I saw some great prices for Elisa Atheniense as well.
    Use the "apologies" 25% off code or the 30% off new customer code for even sweeter savings (my friend was awesome to register as a new customer).

    Other awesome deals (stuff I got):
    - NFY No. 265 Basic Boot in Dirty Denim Blue - orig. $196, now $49
    - Rebecca Taylor Peasant Smock Dress with Belt in Aegean Sea - orig. $349, now $88

    Happy shopping!
  2. I love revolve clothing too, but I have been unable to pull up their website all day. Anyone else having problems?
  3. There are a TON of Kooba bags on sale on this site! If anyone loves Kooba and wants a bag, definitely check this out!! There are Siennas, Gingers, and many many more!
  4. I had no problem accessing the page.

    Does anyone know the 30% off code?
    I'm a "member" but never bought anything from them, but I never received a "new customer" online code. :confused1:
  5. If just you email them with your order number and explain that in your email, they'll apply the 30% off to your order and you'll be immediately refunded.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone!:yahoo: And a Merry Christmas to me too:P . I've had my eye on a Kooba Ginger for quite a while now and wound up ordering one in Butter.Other purchases include the Goldenbleu Devin in Lima Rose,Goldenbleu Malibu Studded Wedge, Mint Cutout Peasant Dress in Olive and I wound up getting an additional 30% off with the first timers code:graucho: . I love this forum!!!!
  7. Anyone knows what happens to the returns of clearance items? there are a few items I want, but I'm not sure if I fit them. Is it free returns as well??
  8. Just got the Kooba Brynne! Thanks for the heads up!
  9. So do they send you the first time buyer's 30% off code, or do you need to contact them about it? I've just signed up today.
  10. I got the Kooba Annie. THANKS!! I emailed them and am hoping they will give me the new buyer discount.
  11. You have 3 days from receipt of your order to return clearance items. Their returns are so easy. Put it back in the box with prepaid label and have USPS pick up from your house.

    To clarify, for the 30% off:
    1. Use vdub's link for the 30% off link. I think it's a Daily Candy link.
    2. Register your email address.
    3. Get an email with a code for 30% off.
    4. Go back to your order, finish order, and apply code.

    Otherwise, as stated, just call or email them for the 30% off after you order. Calling is way faster btw.
  12. thanks so much for the heads up! I just got the Kooba Kooba Scarlett in Ivory: $166.60
    Clu Top with Pleats in Indigo $92.40 - the Clu tops are new items, but I love Clu, and in fact I bought the last one in Indigo in my size, and the white tops were already sold out.
    Clu Top with Pleats in Blue Haze $92.40
    Ella Moss Lila Doubled Cowl Neck Tank in Raspberry $33.60
    Ella Moss Lila Doubled Cowl Neck Tank in Olive $33.60

    I wanted to shop more, but two of the items I had in my basket said that there was only one left, so I went ahead and checked out. I may go back and shop more, and try using the code again.

    I love the Kooba Scarlett in Ivory! Thanks again! I love after Christmas shopping in my kitchen.:yes:
  13. Yay! I just went wild too!!! I used the 30% new customer code and saved a bundle. I ended up with:

    Wayf Rope Dress in Blush $65.10
    NFY No. 265 Basic Boot in Used Denim Blue $30.80
    C Label Lizard & Raw Linen Toe Pump in Natural $96.60
    C Label Roxie in Gold $38.50
    Diesel Yonust Short Trench in Cream $66.50
    Sweetees Cheyenne in Green $19.60
    C Label Buckled Knee High Boot in Brown $127.40

    Has anyone checked out C Label Shoes - tooooo cute!

    Thanks ladies, you just made my Christmas with this sale!
  14. I got the Kooba Frankie, and emailed customer service for the 30% off new customer discount. I got back an email that said the coupon is not applicable to Kooba---FYI.