Revolve 30%

  1. Does anyone know if you can use your first time Revolve Clothing 30% discount + the JT 15%??????!!!
    Please, please,please tell me yes!!!:yahoo:
  2. ^ Nope codes aren't stackable, sorry.
  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh:crybaby: I didn't know the first time buyer deal was a code...:girlsigh:
  4. There is a code. I posted this on another link:

    Revolve Clothing 30% off (New Customers ONLY!) follow link provided

    Follow the link to sign up and a code will be emailed to you. My problem was that I had ordered once before in January, but was unaware of the "new customer" code. Since the discount code was then sent to me with an explanation that it would be matched up with my address and deemed inelligible if I had previously ordered. Based on that, I decided to call them and I am glad that I did. A nice young lady took my order and applied the 30% discount.
  5. Sorry...I posted it on an earlier thread about the Mike & Chris Austin bag. Did anyone read anywhere on the RevolveClothing site about this discount? I combed over their site, but saw no mention of it. I found it at
  6. does any of you know if Revolve will price match site Label360? thanks!
  7. Hi snowtire. I copied this from their website.

    [​IMG]•Free 2-3 Day Priority shipping within the US. Always.•Free, no hassle returns.•Price match guarantee. We will match any competitor's non-clearance price within 30 days of your purchase*. We will also match most major competitor's coupons at the time of purchase.•All items guaranteed in stock in sizes shown, or you receive a coupon for 25% off your next purchase.•Great selection on on the latest styles from the hottest brands. We get new styles in nearly every week, so be sure to check for updates!
  8. They do! But if the discount is more than 40% then it's up to their discretion.

    Er, they do price match I mean.
  9. that's so weird. i also read from the website that they do price match so i called them up and the lady on the phone asked me to say the name of the competitor's site (which is Label360) twice...and she said no right after.

    does that mean Label360 is not considered a major competitor? lol...i'm so sad, cuz i really want to take advantage of my first purchase discount and use it toward a bag i've been wanting forever (but Revolve has a much higher listing price than Label360).
  10. Revolve will pricematch pretty much any code 30% or less whether the other store has the same merchandise or not. Another reason I love Revolve.
  11. I would call back again because often it depends on with whom you speak! She may have been new or tired or whatever! If there is that much difference in the price, I would definitely pursue it!!
  12. I just used the first time 30% off code to get the summer jeans I wanted, citizen paley ankel/cropped jeans, it was the best deal I could find!
  13. REALLY?! I've ordered from this site so many times and never knew that!
  14. I just ordered from there for the first time. After I placed my order, I called and claimed that I had forgotten to enter my promo code. They immediately credited me back 30%. I love customer service like that...
  15. I did not know either until seeing it posted on an earlier thread. Revolve is utterly incredible....great CS. Just email them or call their toll free number and explain that you previously ordered without being aware of the discount. They will honor it for you problem!