Revolve $30 off $100 Coupon

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  1. Hey girls, if you've done some shopping with Revolve lately or especially if you've filled out the customer feedback form, check your inboxes (including your junk mail!) You may have gotten one of these coupons. :biggrin:
  2. Bog. Nothing in my email. I did recently get $100 off $200 coupon though. I love Revolve!!!!
  3. i got one for $100 off $200 purchase with no restrictions unlike the $30 one on an account i never even made an order with beofre
  4. also got the $100 off $200. mine has to be used within 30 days
  5. How long ago did you get it? I haven't gotten any coupons since I signed up a while ago.
  6. ^^^I never get any codes either!
  7. I got a $100 off $200 coupon a couple months ago. I did an order and there is a small link at the bottom of the e-mail that says your item has been shipped asking you to take a feedback survey. If you've filled out that feedback form, you should receive it for sure. But sometimes they also send it out to random customers.
  8. i got mine on may 18th. i can't remember if i did a survey or not
  9. I've never got such coupon, but I did just go back to a previous order and filled out the survey, so we'll see if I"ll get one.
  10. How do you get to fill out a survey? I want that deal! :yes:
  11. i just got the 30 off 100 coupon :smile:. gonna go shopping now!
  12. Ally, how did you get it? I still haven't received it yet. I filled out the survey but nothing. Maybe I had to fill it out when I first got the email?
  13. it was in the email that they sent me to fill out the survey form.
  14. Yeah I'd love to get a coupon too. I already have a bunch of tops bookmarked that I want to get.
  15. wow, 100 off of 200 is a great deal